Feminism, family and citizenship

A rough translation of most of the Chapters in the book published only in Swedish. An English title should be Feminism, family and citizenship. Debates at international congresses on a night work prohibition for women 1889-1919.  Encouraged by Marilyn Boxer, /thanks a lot !! / I made the translation myself.  Carole Turbin helped with translation in Chapter Four. Excuses for my English!  For the biographical lists I beg you to turn to the Swedish version!

Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2: Women and waged work around the year 1900

Chapter 3: 1919: ILO legitimize inequality

Chapter 4: Paris 1889: disagreeing women’s congresses

Chapter 5: Special legislation for women at men’s congresses 1890 – 1893

Chapter 6: Equality claimed: Women’s congresses in Paris in 1892 and 1896

Chapter 7: Berlin 1896: A challenge from the left

Chapter 8: Brussels & Zurich 1897: the freedom of work

Chapter 9: Paris 1900: Equality or protection of the mother

Chapter 10: Paris 1900: the right to work, according to socialists

Chapter 11:  London 1899: Protective legislation and woman’ s peculiarity

Chapter 12 Berlin 1904: Suffrage and motherhood:

Chapter 13: Berne 1906: A convention prohibiting night work

Chapter 14: Toronto 1909: Suffrage versus protective legislation

Chapter 15 Stuttgart and Copenhagen 1907 & 1910: disagreeing socialist women:

Chapter 16: Stockholm & Brussels 1911 & 12: a feminist International?

Chapter 17: Paris 1913 (& Rome 1914): The swan song of the French feminism.